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     The R&D team of Xi’an UniIC has solid silicon experiences covering project setup, specification definition, schematic design, layout implementation, wafer testing, component testing, module testing and technical support in memory products. The memory products include DRAM, Nand Flash, SRAM, RRAM etc. While developing own branded memory products, Xi'an UniIC also offers memory turn-key design services, which had successfully developed a variety of memory products for the world well known memory company and achieved global prodution and sales.

     The test center of Xi'an UniIC was initiated in 2003. The fully equipped semiconductor test laboratory has multiple memory production testers (Advantest T5571/T5581H/T5585/T5593), design verification and characterization testers (Verigy93000, HP95000, Mosaid4205ex, IMS116/317), and many infrastructure and support equipments required to operate and fully utilize the advanced semiconductor test systems for DRAM, FLASH, SRAM and logic products; as well as the small volume test for components and memory modules. The test center provides different level of services including open lab access to turnkey solution. In addition, we can also offer corresponding training and consultant service for memory testing and test development.



Xi'an UniIC testing lab


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